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Organic Beauty Productz is an aunt & nephew partnership that took shape in August of 2020. 

Our name references the quality of our ingredients and our commitment to offering the purest and healthiest products to bring out the beauty of all skin types.

We believe in our products' quality, which includes a wide variety of soaps that combine a myriad of natural products with three main ingredients: charcoal, honey, and ganja.

Organic Beauty Productz values our clientele and provides the quality customer service that assures our clients of their value to our business.

Our offerings will be expanded soon to include lip balms and body scrubs of similarly pure quality, for the customers who value nature's productz!

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All Natural Soaps for Face and Body

Fever Grass

Known for its invigorating and cleansing properties | Helps to manage oily or greasy skin | Kills fungus and bacteria.


Invigorating balancing, uplifting and deodorizing | Cooling and stimulating | good for sensitive skin } Relieves itching caused by inflammation.


Fights bacteria and Fungus on skin | Stimulates immune system | Relaxing and strengthening.


Enhances immunity, fights acne | Cheering, uplifting, healing and soothing | Helps to maintain healthy skin.

Black Peppermint

Bamboo charcoal absorbs toxins while peppermint essential oil fights infection | Good for many skin problems.


Enhances immunity, fights acne | Cheering, uplifting, healing, and soothing | Helps to maintain healthy skin.

Black Fevergrass

Bamboo charcoal deeply cleans and protects | Fevergrass fights fungus and bacteria | Helps skin with bumps and acne.


Antioxidants help to heal damaged skin | Reduces itching and inflammation | Healing soothing and moisturizing.


Nourishes, repairs and balances skin | Calms and brightens the complexion | Eliminates odour causing bacteria.

Black Orange

Bamboo charcoal removes toxins and cleans the skin | Orange essential oil deep cleans the skin | Fights acne and other skin problems.

Aloe Vera

Moisturizes without leaving excess oil | Great for oily and sensitive skin | Soothes skin damaged by over-exposure to UV lights.


Invigorating, energizing and stimulating | Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria | Leave on skin for a minute for extra cooling on hot days.

Black Cinnamon

Bamboo charcoal digs deep to remove toxins from the skin | Cinnamon essential oil fights infection and stimulates the immune system.


A stimulating immune system booster | Fights acne, rashes and infections | Enhances circulation | Nourishes the skin | Slows the look of aging | Revives the skin tone


Soothes inflammation | Reduces blemishes | Fights acne and lightens complexion | Stimulates circulation | Protects skin from damage.


Used traditionally to treat a wide range of skin problems including eczema | Restores the pH balance of the skin | unscented for sensitive skin.

Coconut Milk

Treats dry and irritated skin | fights harmful bacteria | Generally maintains skin health | Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Black Basil

Bamboo charcoal absorbs toxins and cleans skin | Basil essential oil brightens the complexion and fights infection | Good for acne-prone skin.

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