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DestaOrr   Accounting 

You may access any part or all of our services for whichever accounting challenge you are experiencing. 

We can manage your entire accounting cycle, illustrated below (Accounting Cycle), from identifying transactions to making closing entries.

Otherwise, take a look at the various accounting activities outlined below; chose whichever suits your needs and make that call.


We will come to you!

Looking forward to serving you!!

Our Offerrrings

Our aim is to reduce the stress and worry frequently associated with keeping the accounts clear, accurate, and up to date, and assist our clients to survive tax periods and the annual tax season with ease.


Our service is so packaged to allow you, the client, to chose the assistance that you need while you manage the parts of your accounting that you are comfortable to so do.

We encourage our clients to feel free to chose different pars of our service as determined by the point they are at in the financial year and the demands of that period.


Planning and preparing are two main cornerstones of good business management.

DestaOrr Accounting will assist you to create a budget to support decision making, coordination of activities and evaluation of the  performance of your business.

DestaOrr Accounting will relieve you of the tedious and time-consuming process of capturing your accounting activities in journal entries and copying to ledger, while ensuring error-free recording of all these transactions.

Bank Reconcilliation

DestaOrr Accounting will assist you to reconcile bank statements with accounting records and to put checks and balances in place to ensure verification of  expenditures before payment; separation of major expenditures from Petty Cash expenditures and that cash receipts are recorded for deposit in the bank daily.

DestaOrr Accounting  will update your inventory records from  its designation as asset on your Balance Sheet to its sale and transfer to your Income Statement as cost of goods sold; and will assist you to put the appropriate inventory management systems in place that suits the size and nature of your business.

DestaOrr Accounting will assist you to determine production cost per unit and to identify mixed, variable, and semivariable cost per unit to inform your identification of the level of production required to support efficient use of your productive assets.

DestaOrr Accounting will assist you to assess the level of sales to pursue by determining break even level; the level of business to pursue in order to make a specific profit and generally how profitability will be impacted by changes in capacity.

DestaOrr Accounting will assist you to set up and/or manage your payroll processes including timely disbursement of wages and salaries with error-free calculations of statutories, overtime payments, personal deductions and timely remittance of statutories to the Inland Revenue Department.

DestaOrr Accounting will assist you to put systems in place or to monitor Cash in Hand; Cash in Bank and Receivables to maintain a clear view of your financial position and support liquidity of your business.

DestaOrr Accounting will manage all the necessry processes that provide the information required for filing annual income tax returns and will carry out the process of filing your annual returns, online and before the mandated deadlines.

DestaOrr Accounting will assist you to ensure that all statutory obligations are met; Clearance Letters are collected;  application is mode online and that Tax Compliance Certification is received.

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