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Carolex Decor & More


Carolex Decor & More

Carolex Décor & More evolved from the founder’s | designer’s love of colors and of an ambiance that harmonizes with the personality of the owner of a space, no matter how small or large that space may be.

In deference to the passion of individuals for personalizing their space with favorite pieces, Carolex Décor & More supplies fashionable additives – drapes, sheets, cushions, and other fabric-based items to support its clients in achieving just that goal.

Carolex Décor & More uses excellent quality materials to produce soon-to-be-favorite items at an affordable price to enable everyone to bask in the ambience of their dream home.

Comfy Cushions

A pile of colorful comfort and support!

Carolex Comfy Cushions are made of cotton or linen but can be made of any fabric of your choosing. They may be had in pairs; made of the same color or in any number, made of colors, also of your choosing.

Carolex Cushions

Carolex Cushions

Six pieces of Comfort! $1,200.00 per cushion

Contact Us

Tele | WhatsApp: 876-804-3574

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